Example of a corporation that violated sarbanes-oxley

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1. Explain how a teacher’s personal beliefs and values affect the classroom climate, management of student groups, and addressing problem behavior.

2. Research and provide an example of a corporation that violated Sarbanes-Oxley.

3. How can guidelines and rules in a classroom provide positive behavior supports instead of punishment while teaching students to interact in socially responsible ways?

4. Discuss Kagan’s four elements for successful cooperative learning. How can teachers hold individuals and groups accountable during group projects?

5. How does project-based learning motivate students? How can teachers help students be successful when working collaboratively in groups?

Reference no: EM131433234

Would you have approached the challenge differently

Provide an example of a challenge you have experienced in the workplace leading a cross-functional team or as part of a cross-functional team. How was this challenge solved?

Total cost of labor and customer waiting

Patients are treated by the first available provider on a first-come-first-serve basis from a single line. [Note: This is an M/M/C systems, use appropriate formula/table].

Advantages-disadvantages of outsourcing staffing activities

What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing staffing activities? Under what conditions would you suggest that a large modern corporation consider this strategy?

How would you rank carleo in terms of hardiness

How would you rank Carleo in terms of hardiness? In terms of optimism? Be specific in applying the criteria for each behavior pattern. For example, refer to Chapter 3 in apply

Calculate the net present value of these expected receipts

The receipts for ZXY’s proposed Project A are estimated to be $6,000 in the first year; $4,500 in the second, and $1,500 in the third. calculate the net present value (NPV) of

Relationship between revenue streams and operating costs

In Chapter 3 of Sampson, Sampson describes Amazon’s first business model? Briefly summarize what that business model was in terms of the nine building blocks. How did Amazon’s

How does that differ from movie file sharing

Courts have ruled that file-sharing, such as Napster for music, does not fall within the fair use. What do you think? Should fair use apply? Why or why not? When evaluating th

Considering submitting bid on major project

Your company is considering submitting a bid on a major project. You determine that the expected completion time is 150 weeks and the standard deviation is 10 weeks. It is ass


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