Examined how compstat has helped in crime reduction

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present an entire lecture on the paradigm shift in policing and the emergence of Compstat.

Compstat is a direct result of the "paradigm shift" that policing and law enforcement have been facing in recent years. Compstat is a multilayered dynamic approach to crime reduction, quality of life improvement, and personnel and resource management.

Critically evaluated the evolution of law enforcement and the key occurrences that led to the paradigm shift in policing.
Keeping in mind the present state of policing and law enforcement in the U.S., examined where they see the future of this paradigm shift.

Examined how Compstat has helped in crime reduction and quality of life improvement.

Described the organizational changes that will need to take place to bring about the quick and effective adaptation of law enforcement agencies to the Compstat managerial program.

Explained the implications Compstat has for the recruitment and training of policing officers. Presented their ideas for increasing the efficiency of the training of police officers in accordance with Compstat.

Evaluated the mutuality of the relationship between information technology and Compstat.

Evaluated the usefulness and limitations of Compstat.

Reference no: EM13942652

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