Examine why religion tends to be deemphasized in society
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Question: As a counterpoint to the arguments for the apparent human need for a spiritual aspect to life as discussed in the Overview for this module, there are a significant number of people who find religion to be irrelevant and even problematic for human life and progress. Citing superstitious practices, religious wars, and the abuse of power by spiritual leaders, these critics of religion have sometimes argued that religion should be de-emphasized or abolished entirely. The viewpoint advocating the separation of religion from public life is called secularism. The purpose of this discussion is two-fold. First, it is to examine why religion tends to be deemphasized in society, and second, to explore the value of studying religion.. Considering the reasons listed above, discuss why you think these objections to religion are valid or invalid and give several arguments supporting your view.

From the video clip, Diverse Religions/Common Foundations, list and discuss several important reasons why such a study of religion may be an important component in becoming an informed person in the twenty-first century. Be sure to include a discussion of how religion may positively contribute to diversity and pluralism in society.


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It is important and good to be independent and to understand the basic responsibilities in life. A human has to understand that the overall life surrounds under various circumstances and that there has to be a presence of large number of factors for the individuals to consider the importance of life.

The religion is indeed an important component in the lives of human beings. With the addition of religion the lives of human beings is having an additional value. The moral self of the human is guided by the religion. One is guided by the spirits and the teachings for the good doings with the help of the religion.

It is the religion which has the highest importance in anyone’s life and that is which many people round the world consider to be the most supreme thing.

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