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In this Individual Assignment, you will extend the general ecosystem and stakeholder analysis that you conducted in your Shared Activity in this unit by also conducting a thorough and critical competitive environment (five forces) analysis of the organisation you have chosen for your Final Project.

To prepare for this Individual Assignment:

• Examine and critically review the peer and faculty feedback that was offered during the Shared Activity.

• Review the Readings and, in particular, examine the works by Porter (2008) and Pitt and Koufopoulos (2012: Chapter 3).

• Review the Tools for Your Strategic Thoughts document and consider how to best deploy them. You are not required to use the pre-designed templates, but you will be responsible for a robust and complete analysis with implications clearly stated.

• Consider the implications of the articles by Nandakumar, et al. (2010) and Andrews and Morgen (2013) as you develop the final draft of your Individual Assignment.

To complete your Individual Assignment:

• Examine and critically incorporate peer and Faculty Member feedback offered during the Shared Activity to modify and improve your general ecosystem and stakeholder analysis work.

Note: This draft is not meant to be a wholesale but rather an inclusion of any important changes based on peer feedback recently given.

• Conduct a thorough and well-argued competitive forces analysis (focusing on the Porter (2008) framework and work by Pitt and Koufopoulos (2012: Chapter 3).

• Be sure to support your postings with evidence from the Readings.Consult the Harvard Referencing Style Guide for proper citation and referencing information.

Write your response in 1500-2000 words count..

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Reference no: EM13873429

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