Examine the scope and significance of a position

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ASSESSMENT TASK - Position Study Analysis

Communication of Understanding-

  • The summary demonstrates evidence of appropriate analysis
  • Discussion of Articles in relation to subject learning's are demonstrated
  • Discussion of Articles in relation to theoretical concepts are demonstrated
  • The Journal demonstrates growth in subject learning's and understandings.
  • Understanding is clearly demonstrated.


Each student will submit an assignment paper (in essay format) that describes in detail the roles and responsibilities of a position in the festivals and events industry (in Australia or internationally). Ideally, this would a role  that students eventually would like to occupy (for example the CEO of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, the stadium venue manager for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, or the Chief Executive of the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race).  The essay is to be based on reading a minimum of five articles from scholarly and industry-related journals (not from newspapers) and reference the concepts learnt in class.  Reference to a person currently occupying the position (including a short bio) may also be made.  Online resources, other than online journal articles, may be used, but these must be additional to the articles from scholarly or industry-related journals.

The purpose of this assessment is to:

  • Examine the scope and significance of a position within the festivals and events industry;
  • Develop and demonstrate an understanding of the scope and significance of the responsibilities of a professional in the selected position; and
  • Develop skills in research, critical thinking and analysis.

1500 words

5 APA references.

Reference no: EM131218805

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Check the assignment details choose one famous personality of event or festival organizer and their positive rest check the assignment details. Any journal not kept up to date and provided in class time will be considered to be late Failure to adequately reference is plagiarism. Plagiarism will be dealt with in line with university policy.

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