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Question: The responsibilities of the professional nurse go beyond caring for the sick or promoting wellness. As outlined in the ANA code of Ethics for Nurses, it is the responsibility of all professional nurses to support the profession as a whole. This can be done in various ways. In addition to promoting the profession in a positive way, the professional nurse also looks at the bigger picture of health and wellness in the community, country, and global community.

The purpose of the discussion this week is to examine the responsibilities of the professional nurse. You will complete this by analyzing the image of nursing that is portrayed to the general public.

1- For this discussion, locate a negative image of nursing (picture or video). Post the link to the discussion board. This will serve as a foundation for your letter writing assignment.

2- Explain why you believe your selected media presents a negative image for nursing.

3- In addition, discuss what you think is the most pressing healthcare issue in your community, in the US, and the global community.

Your response should be written in your own words, consist of complete sentences, and should be at least two to three complete paragraphs.

Reference no: EM132280064

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