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Part A:

Critically analyse the external stakeholder relationships affecting your chosen organisation (Note: do not include customer relationships). Areas that your answer might examine, but should not be limited to, include:

- What do these external stakeholder relationships help the organisation to achieve?

- What strategies does the organisation have in place to build and manage these relationships?

- Are there any challenges that the organisation faces in building and managing these relationships? If so, how have they / can they overcome them?

- What is the extent and value of the linkages / interdependencies between the various external stakeholders?

- Are there any disadvantages to building / maintaining relationships with external stakeholders?

Part B:

Consider the internal relationships affecting your chosen organisation (for example: employees, cross-functional teams, different departments, different SBUs, etc.).

Critically examine the organisation's internal marketing strategies. What do the internal relationships help the organisation to achieve? Are there any areas for improvement?

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Reference no: EM13711183

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