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Application: Theoretical Frameworks

Earlier weeks have focused on the importance of identifying and evaluating relevant scholarly literature, and then creating a synthesis that forms the literature review. In designing studies on social problems and in policy arenas, researchers build on these findings from earlier studies, often with new topics in the same or a related field, or with new populations, research design, or research methods.

This is described in your research text in the context of identifying elements to study, together with their relevance and relationships, as "investigators integrate their ideas, the observations of others, the research literature, and their own research" (O'Sullivan, Rassel, & Berner, 2008, p. 7). Just as scholarly researchers base their study designs on related research literature, so, too, must they investigate and apply various theories. Theories, in both researchers' own and related disciplines, are built on and developed from earlier theories. In order to understand and be able to apply theories to research in public policy and administration, one must "appreciate the historical contexts through which it has developed and the cultural milieus during which important contributions were made to its body of ideas and knowledge" (Shafritz, Ott, & Jang, 2016, p. 2).

An illustration of the networks, connections, and processes among three theories in a theoretical framework will provide the visual that may help to stimulate your thinking about your work on a theoretical framework, and its relationship to your literature synthesis .

Examine the literature in your readings and search peer-reviewed journal articles, to analyze how the theoretical frameworks you are considering using have been used in other research. In 1-2 pages, justify your selection of the two theoretical frameworks you identified in this week's Discussion. In what way are the theoretical frameworks applicable to your proposed research? Provide examples from the literature. Explain the appropriateness to public policy and administration.

Reference no: EM13760022

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