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Topic: unit 3 supporting the individual journey through intergrated health and social care

750 word essay based on a case study provided

Examine the health care and support services available to an individual requiring muiltidisciplinary care

jonathan tertullien is an eighty year old black british man who moved to Britain from st lucia in 1962. jonathan has left sided weakness as a result of a stroke. he is able to walk with the aid of an stick but is prone to falls and is scared to leave his house alone. he has no family nearby. he lives alone in a one bedroom rented flat. jonathan also has early stages of vascular dementia which makes him forgetful. until recently his next door neighbour was helping with shopping. meals and housework but his neighbour is now in hospital. jonathan has a heart condition and high blood pressure for which he is required to take medication on a daily basis. he often forgets to take his medication . jonathan used to be very socialable and spentb a lot of time in the local pub, which recently closed down. jonathan is depressed and lonely. a couple of neighbours have called social services expressing their concerns that he is not looking after himself. the say there is a strong unpleasant smell coming from his flat.

To address theessay requiremnts , include the following

Identify any unmet needs in his case

Outline at least one healthcare service in Thurrock Essex and one social care service that could be appropriate in this case

Explain how these services could work in an integrated way

Identify any needs that are likely to remain unmet

Please base this work around thurrock essex

Reference no: EM132279858

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