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Breeding records reveal that 1 out of every 8 puppies of a certain Welsh Corgi female are runts. Since these puppies can't be sold for full price, we wish to examine the frequency with which this condition is likely to occur in future litters.  (The probability of having a runt is 1/8.)

a.   What is the probability that less than 2 runts will be born in the next 12 puppies? 

b.   What is the probability that at least one runt will be born in the next 8 puppies?

Use TI83/84 to find the probability.

a. n=4, x=3, p=0.3

b. n=8, x=5, p=1/3

c. n=15, x=11, p=0.95

d. n=6, x=3, q=0.75

After being rejected for employment, Clara Collins learns that ABC Company has hired only three women among the last 25 new employees. She also learns that the pool of applicants is very large, with an approximately equal number of qualified men and women. Help her address the charge of gender discrimination:

Find the probability of getting three or fewer women when 25 people are hired assuming that there is no gender discrimination (p=0.5 and n=25)

a. P(3 or fewer women) = __________________

b. Is this occurrence an unusual event? Would it support a charge of gender discrimination? Explain your answer. 

Reference no: EM132137078

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