Examine the evolution of the world wide web

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Please address the following:
1. Examine the evolution of the World Wide Web (WWW) in terms of the need for a general-purpose markup language.
2. Draw conclusions about the power and advantages of XML that have made it the global standard for enterprise data exchange.
3. Compare and contrast Data Type Definitions (DTD) and XML Schemas.
4. Evaluate Global Elements, NameSpaces, and XML Metadata Models (XHTML, DocBook, Resource Description Framework (RDF), and Really Simple Syndication (RSS).
5. Interpret the need, the principles, and the power of XSL and XSLT to create new content, manage site layout, extract information, and for document format conversion.
6. Discuss the process for creating XML documents and apply this knowledge to develop XML and DTD documents.
7. Analyze the ability of XML to facilitate inter-application and inter-tier communications.
8. Analyze the need to apply XSL and XSLT to standardize the look and feel across pages and to generate multiple formats of the same page.

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This work is written in Microsoft word which highlights some of the major building blocks of internet. The work provides significance or world wide web, also known as WWW. The requirement was asked to solve some major questions in the instruction and work has been done accordingly. The work follows APA standard of referencing along with answering some critical issues associated.

Reference no: EM13712697

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