Examine the economic trends and impact of globalization

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Assignment: Multinational Corporation Expansion

Imagine that you are a senior business manager for a U.S.-based multinational company. You have been informed by your supervisor that your Company needs to consider expanding into a new international market to seek new opportunities.

To get started, you must decide the following:

Select a publicly-traded Multinational Corporation (MNC) with which you are familiar. Chipotle

Select a new international market and a country this company currently has not explored and should consider. Chile

Write a 8-10 page paper in which you:

Analyze how each of the three major dimensions of international finance can affect your possible venture of your MNC in your chosen new international market, including potential opportunities and risks for each dimension.

Examine the economic trends and impact of globalization in the chosen market and determine which of those emerging factors have potential for disruption that could affect operations.

Assess whether the country you have chosen maintains a fixed or a flexible exchange system and discuss how this monetary system will affect your MNC. Provide a strong rational for possible implications and drawbacks of the existing system.

Determine how the balance of payments will support the management of your MNC and explain how deficits and surpluses found within the country you have chosen can positively or negatively affect operations of your company.

Analyze how the foreign exchange market your company is considering entering can impact international business operations. Examine key foreign market participants and provide recommendations of possible key financing opportunities for your MNC.

Use at least three quality references.

Reference no: EM13820852

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