Examine the data for skewness-other signs of non-normality

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Here are the mpg (miles per gallon) values for a random sample of 20 of these records:

41.5, 50.7, 36.6, 37.3, 34.2, 45.0, 48.0, 43.2, 47.7, 42.2, 43.2, 44.6, 48.4, 46.4, 46.8, 39.2, 37.3, 43.5, 44.3, 43.3

The standard deviation is known to be %u03C3= 3.5 mpg

b) Examine the data for skewness and other signs of non-Normality.  Show your plots and numerical summaries.  Do you think it is reasonable to construct a confidence interval based on the Normal distribution?  Explain your answer.

Reference no: EM13283301

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