Examine the criticality of timely information

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A Managerial Emphasis,Could you please write a Research Paper based on Wall- Mart organization which such as a place of employment or a business patronized, that describes how the organization applies (or does not apply) the program goals and course outcome competencies, of this course, on a day-to-day basis. ) The paper must be 4- 5 pages long with a minimum of four scholarly references.

Grading will be based based on the following criteria:

Description/facts of the situation

Research/data collection for analyzing situation

Analysis of situation

Quality of writing and structure of thoughts

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

1-Define cost, cost object, cost driver, and cost allocation in the context of costing systems.

2-Apply cost-volume-profit analysis to various organizational situations.

3-Understand the importance of the critical success factors.

4-Demonstrate the connection between budgeting and implementing tactics and strategy.

5-Use quantitative and qualitative information in making decisions.

Program Goals:

1. Demonstrate broad and integrated knowledge of business functions.

Learning Outcomes: 

a. Prepare analyses of and recommendations for resolving difficult management solutions.

b. Explain the functions and purposes of management (planning, organizing, directing and controlling) in a quantitative context.

c. Create strategies for decision-making based on information obtained through activity analysis.

2. Demonstrate analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills and use of technology related to business decision-making. 
Learning Outcomes:

a. Understand the set business functions in the value chain and relate value added activities to success and non-value added activities to sub-optimization.

b. Create strategic and tactical decisions for meeting customer needs.

c. Analyze the impact of a total quality management program on an organization's ability to compete effectively in the international marketplace.

3. Apply foundations and tools to make and implement strategy.

Learning Outcomes: 
a. Examine strategies for decision-making based on quantitative models.

b. Examine the criticality of timely information.

c. Understand the major forces influencing business environments and how mangers and executive incorporate this knowledge into their strategic planning processes.

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Reference no: EM13702512

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