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These are discussion boards 250-300 words. send as each is completed play a total of ten dollars each.

1. Post a thread comparing and contrasting the killing of (Kitty) Catherine Genovese and that of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

2. Choose a disorder of the Carlson text and discuss the physiological and psychological symptoms of the disorder. In your discussion, examine the cause of the disorder, the part of the brain involved, the behavioral effects of the disease, findings in research, effective treatments, and whether the label "Mental Health Disorder" could be misleading. ( Using latest version)

3. From Truths 1-39 (Parts I-IV) in the Robbins text, identify at least 4 truths and critique them from a biblical perspective. Each critique must identify and briefly explain the truth from the author's perspective, include your thoughts on points of agreement and disagreement, and provide biblical support for your critique. Your thread must give insights into differences that may exist between how Christians and non-Christians lead and manage. If you are not currently in a ministry position, think about and respond to the prompt hypothetically.
(BOOK) The Truth About Managing People, 3/E Stephen P. Robbins, San Diego State University - See more at:


Reference no: EM13991030

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