Examine oedipus the king and death of a salesman
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Decide for yourself what tragedy is, and then examine Oedipus the King and Death of a Salesman as tragedies.

How are they different from or similar to one another? Realizing that 2400 years separate these plays, what do these differences/ similarities mean? To successfully complete this assignment, document your evidence.

Review "Document Sources Using MLA Style," beginning on page 1978 of the Kennedy and Gioia text, and follow these guidelines:

Create a clear and limiting title (a title page will not be necessary); double-space your essay; use standard margins; number your pages; set off and indent ten spaces, and double space quoted material over three lines; proofread your essay carefully.


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Tragedy is a form of drama that is used by writers to bring about the element of suffering or an incident that leaves a mark on the lives of the people. This can be implemented in the form of a novel, poem, drama, short story, etc. It is one of the genres that are commonly used while depicting the scenes that have emotional background and story. There are several characters or a single character that goes through the suffering and it is done on purpose so that the feeling of pity as well as fear can be evoked in the audience (Lucas, 1957). The incidents in the drama that is based on tragedy has form a chain reaction or several pieces of the same concept that bring about the reaction. It is also looked upon as a sequence of events with cause and effect relationship.

According to Aristotle, the plot becomes the most important piece of tragedy and there should be a beginning, middle and end in the same. The unity of actions is essential as this brings about confirmation of the fact that scene involves all the things that are visible and are happening. The climax is considered to be the peak point and it is referred to as the highest point of action (Herington, 1985). The beginning should have an incentive moment and there should be the element of recognition in which the character makes an important discovery about self. The other elements of tragedy include reversal in which the circumstances are reversed for the worst. The characters or heroes ultimate sufferings, which sometimes may even include his death, are marked by a catastrophe. All these elements combined together result in a tragedy that is effective enough to generate a response from the audience that is expected.

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