Examine malaysia and its business environment
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Assignment: Country Profile

Assignment - Checklist

A list of all the points you may need to consider in completing Assignment 2 is provided below.

This list is quite comprehensive: you may dismiss some of these points as not being important for the company and the country you are considering, but you should at least briefly think about them all.

Remember that for all of these points, the important thing is the effect they have on doing business. Providing only data is of limited value: analysing the data to find its likely impact on business is what matters. For example, from our study of Romania last year: "data shows that GDP per capita has been growing at 5-7% each year for 3-4 years". Interesting perhaps, but what effect has it on business? Analysis of this leads to a conclusion "Thus in five years per capita income will probably be about one-third higher than at present, which suggests a good growth market for consumer goods". Note: data first, then analysis of that data to reach a conclusion that highlights its direct relevance to business.

The competition for pet food in Australia is tough, because of the presence of several major international producers and several strong domestic companies (at least one of which is foreign-owned). Pyalong Pet Foods's growth continues, but its rate of growth has slackened in recent years. Sandra continues as 90% owner and CEO; her father (who owns the remaining 10%) has retired completely from the business, while her son and daughter (both of whom are adventurous and ambitious) have junior but growing management roles. Sandra and her senior management team are comfortable with Australian sales but think it is time to expand into international sales. They have very briefly considered and dismissed New Zealand (too small) and Indonesia (too big and complex to start international sales), but suspect that Malaysia may be a suitable (and comparatively close) place to start. However they believe that East Malaysia (the states of Sabah and Sarawak) can be ignored for the time being: they want to look only at West Malaysia - what is often called Peninsula Malaysia.

Sandra and her management team are therefore interested in Peninsula Malaysia as a potential new market. They need a great deal of further information to make a decision on whether or not to enter this market, and if so, how. They have therefore asked a group of international consultants - you - to prepare reports for them containing this information.

Assignment: Country Profile (1)

Type: Group written assignment of two or three (maybe one) students, and ALL groups MUST be registered on the Unit website: solos register as a 'group' of just one
Due date: 2359 (11:59 pm) on Tuesday, 10 January 2017 by online submission
Word limits: 3000-4000 words, definitely NO MORE (word count excludes only reference list and appendices)
Value: 40% of final mark
Format: Written report
Hurdle requirement: Each group member must individually submit the sections they contributed to the assignment (at least 1100 words)

Assignment 2: Country Profile (2)

Your task in Assignment 2 is to prepare a Country Profile as a formal written report

Your Country Profile will examine Malaysia and its business environment from the point of view of Pyalong - note, Peninsula Malaysia only, excluding East Malaysia

Country Profile = picture of Malaysia as it is today, 2016, plus what you expect for 5 yrs time, 2021

Accurate, timely and relevant information leading to opinion on whether Pyalong should seriously consider market entry

Particularly note serious issues or problems

Evidence and then your analysis leading to a conclusion

Assignment 2: Country Profile (3)

. Formal written report, with headings and clear logical structure

. Avoid casual, colloquial and informal words

. Edit final document carefully so it reads clearly

. Give references for all significant information - and give references in the correct style!

. Analyse data - don't just quote it! Assess risks!

. Analyse data for its significance to a business

. The marking rubric is on website under Assignment 2 with a comprehensive checklist of items you may include

Assignment 2: Country Profile (4)

 Title Page: unit name & code, lecturer's name, students' names & ID numbers

 Summary: 1 page summary of findings

 Table of Contents: with section and page numbers

 Introduction: giving purpose and scope of report, research methodology, any limitations or major assumptions

 Body of Report, covering: Politics, Economics, Society and Culture,

Technology, Environment, Finance (including FDI), Legal System

 Recommendations: not essential for Assignment 2

 Conclusion: discussion of findings from all earlier sections

 References: information must be fully sourced by Harvard method

 Appendices: if any, and any assumptions

Assignment 2: Country Profile (5)

Some things NOT to do:

 Do not discuss entry modes

 Do not include a detailed analysis of Pyalong's industry or the potential market for Pyalong's products

 Do not include recommendations - except you might recommend that Pyalong commission a detailed market entry strategy

All these belong in Assignment 3

Assignment 2 is about Peninsula Malaysia, not about Pyalong

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

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    Provides an excellent company background, very clearlyarticulates the scope of the report and the research methodologies used to an excellent standard and critically analyses the quality of data used. Displays an excellent understanding of key concepts/theory, the application of those concepts to the country analysed, including a forecast of that information and from the perspective of the case organisation. Excellent arguments are made in regard to the data. Makes excellent conclusions, which critically analyse and evaluateall information presented in the report. Demonstrates excellentunderstanding of the complexity of elements important to members of a different culture in relation to their history, values, politics, communication styles, economy, and beliefs and practices. Uses an excellent quality and variety of sources, including journal articles, textbooks, business databases, professional reports, internet and media. Organisation and presentation is of an excellent standard. The report is extremely professional, clear and well set out. Table of contents, headings, diagrams and appendices areexcellent. The report engages highly with the reader.

  2. user image

    Hello, Only Economic factors and Finance to be done in the assignment with conclusion, references & appendices. 1100 words only excluding reference list and appendices! Do ask the writers to read the guidelines saying evidence first i.e. graphs and then analyse to the conclusion from business perspective. Thanks. Please read the guidelines carefully it says to find evidence first and then analyze for the conclusion that'll affect the business. Provides a comprehensive summary presenting all findings.

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