Examine industrialization in the soviet union

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World Civilization Essay

Write a thesis statement (central argument) in your introduction, then develop your thesis and provide historical evidence (body of your essay), and end with a closing paragraph.


Option I

Examine: Industrialization in the Soviet Union (USSR) a path to "build communism" in the 1920s.  What did it mean?  What were the actions of Soviet officials? What were the achievements? In addition to Strayer and Nelson text, use the Thinking through Sources (documents) section.

Option II

Examine:  Industrialization in China as a path to "build communism" started in the early 1950s.  What did it mean?  What was the "model"?  What were the achievements?

Refer to Visual Sources in text (Chapter 21, pages 967-973) for additional support.

Option III

Focus on the notion of "finding enemies" as a practice in communist societies. Analyze the ways communist regimes instill fear and exercise violence on ordinary people and longtime supporters of the regimes.

Reference no: EM131378625

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