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Need help in researching and examining Germany's housing policy since the end of the Second World War when the country was faced with a massive housing shortfall. I need to produce a summary of the impact and changes in the housing policy--and its political impact--over the last sixty years. It must contain areas that address:

- The discussion addresses some crucial observations about the issue of political pragmatism versus ideology when it comes to informing policy decisions. The role of housing policy as a policy instrument in politics is also referenced. The influence of party politics and goals on the housing policy is discussed, as well as the policy's own feedback influence and effects--and the general political culture towards keeping homelessness minimised--on party policies and ideology.

- The discussion also examines the arguably protected and somewhat sheltered attitude surrounding Germany's housing policy and how it is usually avoided as a subject in heated debates. This examination sheds light on the underlying conflict between free market movements and the general state policy of closely regulating the housing market in order to sustain adequate and accessible housing for all citizens.

- The conclusion of the discussion, a few basic but worthwhile questions are extracted from the actual discussion and the observations that were made.

Reference no: EM13138257

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