Evidence of familiarity with relevant literature and theory

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This assignment (reflective essay) encourages students to reflect on how a counselling theory (either psychodynamic or cognitive behavioural theory) relates to their own personality and behaviours. It encourages the student to explore their chosen theory in depth, and link theory with practice Process:

Consider your own personality and behaviours in light of either psychodynamic theory or cognitive behavioural theory. Write an essay describing the key principles of the approach you have selected and how these could be related to your own life.
Your reflective essay should include:

• a brief overview of the history, principles and goals of the approach

• an explanation of the key concepts of the approach and how they could be applied to your own life experience

• reference to relevant literature, linking your ideas to theory discussed in the unit


1. An overview provided of the history, principles and goals of your selected theory (either psychodynamic theory or CBT)
2. Explanation of key concepts
3. Application of the key concepts of the theory to your own personality and behaviour.
4. Evidence of familiarity with relevant literature and theory
5. Evidence of self-awareness and ability to self reflect.

Reference no: EM13883498

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