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Answer the following questions;

1. List the evidence for the hypothesis that the Americas were settled by migrants from Asia.

2. Review the principal regions of the North American continent and the human adaptations that made social life possible in each of them.

3. What were the hunting and agrarian traditions? In what ways did the religious beliefs of indian peoples reflect their environmental adaptations?

4. What factors led to the organization of the Iroquois Five Nation Confederacy?

Reference no: EM13228262

What can we predict about the future of space travel

This time period saw the landing of a man on the Moon as the culmination of an American space program lasting over two decades. How were domestic and international politics

What does ostrowski story tell about influence of mongols

How does his argument relate to that of the other historians he mentions? What does this story tell about the influence of the Mongols on Eurasian societies in general?

Characteristics of baroque style relate to absolutist rulers

How did the characteristics of the Baroque style relate to the absolutist rulers of the day like Louie XIV? (Be sure to tie in characteristics of an absolutist ruler with thos

Is churchill being inconsistent

Churchill delivered this speech to an American audience, but after reading it one might conclude it could have been given in any western country. Why did he pick the US?

How does abolitionism enhance different value system

How does abolitionism enhance a fundamentally different value system in the North than is evident in the South - also think of this question in terms of the Woman''s rights

Why prices tend to be inflexible even when demand changed

Which one of the following statements best explains why prices tend to be inflexible even when demand changes? The historical reallocation of labor from agriculture to manufac

Provide a political analysis and comparison

Provide a political analysis and comparison of the following: Athens and Rome. Please detail the political development of the selected systems, the historical context, the

What does the term beat as in beat generation

What does the term "Beat," as in "Beat Generation" actually refer to? Describe how the author of the article: "This is the Beat Generation" characterizes the "Beat Generatio


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