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It was Connor’s job to provide maintenance to the Carlson Hotel and Convention Center. He was employed by the Carlson to do everything from fixing a leaky pipe to changing a light bulb. In the course of fixing the railing on the balcony in the lobby, Connor climbed up on a very tall ladder with his tools. A guest, Kratts, was standing under the ladder talking on his cell phone. Connor asked Kratts to kindly step back from the ladder for his own protection. Kratts repeatedly ignored Connor’s request and continued to stand under the ladder. When Connor had repairing the railing, he was putting his tools away in his tool belt. One of the tools missed the pocket and fell, hitting Kratts’ head before hitting the ground. Kratts became very angry and started shaking the ladder. The desk clerk saw what was happening and came over to stop Kratts from shaking the ladder so that Connor could come down off the ladder. When Connor got to the bottom of the ladder, he picked up the ladder and started swinging it in the direction of Kratts. He hit Kratts across the head and also hit a woman standing by the door. Kratts sued the hotel for damages. Does the hotel have any defenses? Explain.

Reference no: EM13965900

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