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1. Every professional sports league (e.g., National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, etc.) re-negotiates their contracts between the owners and the players union. Each party has their own unique power base. Take a side (owners or players union) and describe how you will use your power base to get the other side to give in to the demand regarding salaries & retirement or an issue of working conditions. Use references to support your position.

2. Eastman Publishing Company is considering publishing a paperback textbook on spreadsheet applications for business. The fixed cost of manuscript preparation, textbook design, and production setup is estimated to be $80,000. Variable production and material costs are estimated to be $3 per book. The publisher plans to sell the text to college and university bookstores. With a demand of 4000 copies, what is the breakeven price to charge so that the publisher will not lose money?

Reference no: EM132280046

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