Eventual zombie attack and viral infection

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Researchers were experimenting with a new virus, and, after an act of terrorism, the virus is now spreading across the country. To make matters worse, the virus takes over the nervous system of the people it infects, shuts down their circulatory system, and gives them an uncontrollable taste for living human flesh. They are zombies! You are in a small, rural town and although the virus has not struck in your area yet, you know it is coming and the townspeople are panicking. You pull together your Core Liaison Group and start TT&E. What sort of training and exercises would you go through to help prepare your team for the eventual zombie attack and viral infection? Also, how would you maintain order in the town using your liaison members and the local media (assume all media services are still running; this is the very beginning of the zombie infection)?

Reference no: EM131099024

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