Events in the us airways and american airlines merger

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Given the recent events in the US Airways and American Airlines merger, one has to wonder, is the airline industry monopolistic? Which is worse, monopolies or competition? Explain your answer.

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Reference no: EM13861214

Purpose of an investment decision

Prepare a written report of the company for the purpose of an investment decision from Australia. Please value the company and decide if you would invest in the companies.

Planning to restore and sell the car

Rick buys a 1966 Mustang for $3,000, planning to restore and sell the car. He goes on to spend $9,000 restoring the car. At this point he can sell the car for $10,000. As an

Substitution-law of demand

Apply the substitution and income effects to the purchase of meat given the lower price. How is this related to the law of demand? Hint: use chicken as a substitute good in

How would each factor affect demand or supply

In 2009, the Japanese beer industry was affected by two economic events: (1) Japan's government imposed on producers a tax on all beer sold, and (2) consumer income fell due

How does critical value of discount factor depend on product

How does the critical value of the discount factor depend on the degree of product dif- ferentiation r ? What does r = 1 imply about the relationship between the two goods?

What was the interest rate on your loan

ECO/561- In your report, discuss how the trends in the Effective Federal Funds Rate compare with trends in inflation. If you took out a loan to pay for your "big-ticket" pur

Describe the max webers types of authority in your own word

What do you understand by concept "political legitimacy?" Describe in some detail with examples. Describe the Max Weber's types of authority in your own words. Provide some de

Firm optimal quantity-price and profit

Find out the firm's optimal quantity, price, and profit (1) by using the profit and the marginal profit equations and (2) by setting MR equal to MC. Also provide a graph of


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