Evaluation using roi in a real world organization

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I am trying to find online information, journal articles or textbook references regarding a business approach to evaluation using ROI in a real-world organization. Then, I need to write a 2-3 page APA-formatted paper explaining their use and effectiveness.

Reference no: EM1344885

What arguments would make for continuing regulatory

what arguments would you make for allowing insurers to set their own rates and be regulated by market or competitive forces. what arguments would you make for continuing reg

Measure the cost of each specific type

Dillon Labs has asked its financial manager to measure the cost of each specific type of capital as well as the weighted average cost of capital. The weighted average cos

Determination of monthly payments

Suppose you borrow $350000 to create a new home. The bank charges an interest rate of 5 percent compounded monthly. If you pay back the loan after 25 years find your monthly p

Advantage and disadvantage of level production schedules

Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of level production schedules in firms with cyclical sales and dDescribe in detail the three theories for describing the shape of the te

Explain synergy and provide an example

Explain Synergy and provide an example. Describe and explain three factors that influence international finance. Differentiate international bank lending risk. Differentiate s

Evaluate the new engraving machine project

New computer-aided engraving machine refers to expected total inventory held and calculate the NPV to evaluate the new engraving machine project and provide a recommendation t

Determine the nominal rate of return

A bond actual rate of return is 3.85% for a time period when the inflation rate was 1.97%. Determine the actual nominal rate of return?

What would be your total real return in investment

Suppose you decide to sell your bonds today, when the required return on the bonds is 7 percent. If the inflation rate was 4.8 percent over the past year, what would be your


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