Evaluating a bond portfolio managers performance

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Question: Portfolio Performance Evaluation

What factors are considered when evaluating a bond portfolio manager's performance? Provide a link (other than Investopedia, Wikipedia, or similar sites) to an article that explains bond portfolio performance evaluation.

Reference no: EM13854620

Explain and compare macaulay and modified duration

Explain and compare Macaulay and modified duration. Provide a link (other than Investopedia, Wikipedia, or similar sites) to an article explaining how bond portfolio manager

The financial crisis that rippled through the u.s. economy

As a result of the financial crisis that rippled through the U.S. economy in 2008/2009, bank failure rates soared. The FDIC was able to identify many of the troubled banks,

Discuss the process of making a capital investment

How do the topics from this unit (Understand and be able to discuss the process of making a capital investment decision) apply to my personal and professional life? Look aroun

The objective of managing current assets and liabilities

If a firm purchases materials on credit and thus has accounts payable, its cash conversion cycle will be. The most important form of short-term business financing is. The fact

Additional emphasis on internal controls

Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 (SOZ) placed additional emphasis on internal controls.  What section of SOX is specifically applicable to internal controls.  Why do you think it do

Prime brokerage customers for use as working capital

Prime brokerage accounts were moved from Bear Stearns during the week of 2010. This was part of the run. These accounts were closed so Bear no longer had access to the funds d

What was the firm''s 2012 operating cash flow, or ocf

The 2011 balance sheet of Anna's Tennis Shop, Inc., showed long-term debt of $5.5 million, and the 2012 balance sheet showed long-term debt of $5.75 million. The 2012 income s

What are two key elements of the financial planning process

Identify two publicly traded corporations in the same industry and compare and contrast their current ratios, quick ratios, and debt to equity ratios. Explain what these rat


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