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Provide context by defining the shaping and driving forces that impact the development of your new leadership agenda. This should include your awareness of the global impact of supply chain management field and its welcoming of a global diversity of ideas and leadership. It should also include what "minds"(The Disciplined Mind" in Gardner''s 2008 article, "The Five Minds for the Future," ) you most need to develop.

Think about how your agenda compares to the predominant leadership model in the supply chain management field. Examples of contemporary leadership agendas might include "might makes right," "Americans know better," and "partnering makes a better product." Evaluate the strength of your own agenda in comparison to other possible agendas. Provide the rationale for one of the emerging leadership theories as a guide for your leadership agenda.

The completed paper should be 4-5 pages (excluding cover and reference pages). You also need to utilize citations and reference from a minimum of four credible sources.


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Leadership brings together the skills to make a leader. A leader is one who creates an inspiring vision for the future, motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision and brings them together for effectively achieving the vision. (Henry et al., 2015).

The quality of taking the leadership to a successful level depends on how the situation is brought by the leaders in the organisation. The theories related to the leadership which are emerging like those of all the leadership which is ethical, authentic and which transforms the major role play in the market.

In ethical leadership, the leader tends to be a model who is appraised by everyone and who try to work with the standards which are ethical, ensures conducts in the social work place and uses moral principles for making decisions. He or she puts his ego aside and works for what is considered best for the company. (Ma et al., 2015).

Authentic leaders are the ones who knows all about themselves. They know who they are and what are their positives and negatives. They have integrity, influence over the life of others and set examples for others by taking initiative and by encouraging them. They never harm or take undue advantage of others. Authentic leadership leads towards making of trust with the engagement in different activities along with wellbeing and is therefore an effective leadership.

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