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Discussion: Project Charter

Note: You must complete the Discussion Preparation - Project Planning Documents activity before beginning this discussion.

The purpose of this discussion is to increase your familiarity with the contents of project charters and to seek ideas, input, and feedback from colleagues, so that you can refine your ideas and information.

Instructions: • Upload the Project Charter draft document you created in the Discussion Preparation Study.

• Introduce your draft to your peers. Create a short summary that captures the highlights of your project charter.

If you have any open questions about your draft, feel free to include them in your post.

Response Guidelines

Look at several of your peers' project charters to get a sense of the different approaches your classmates have taken in their drafts.

Respond to at least one peer in depth. If they have asked a specific question, and you have some ideas, respond accordingly.

Your in-depth response must include most or all of the following:

• Seek Clarification. Talk about what is not clear (ask questions, offer suggestions).

• Assess the Evidence. Evaluate the strength of your classmate's supporting evidence.

• Share Resources. Suggest resources that might provide missing information.

• Examine Assumptions. What is implied in your classmate's posting? What are they assuming is true or untrue? Identify any assumptions that your classmate may have missed.

Support your suggestions with evidence from your textbook, readings, or other professional literature.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

• Practice using the various stages of writing by creating drafts and receiving peer feedback prior to submitting a final document.

• Submit a written draft for review and feedback from peers.

• Review examples of project charter documents.

• Provide feedback to peers to help improve project scope and project charter documents.

• Practice creating APA citations when participating in an academic discussion and when giving feedback to peers.

Reference no: EM132279690

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