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Groupthink is one of the contributing factors that led to the Challerner disaster in 1986. Group Polarization, Brainstroming, Nominal Group Technique, Deil's Advocacy and Dialectical Inquiry are also techniques or situations that can affect group decision-making. Choose one of these factors and show the techniques used in a group decision-making situation and evaluate the strength of the decision-making that occurred and analyze the impact the factor or technique has on the result.

Reference no: EM13326120

Fossil fuel-nuclear energy and alternative power source

Your organization is about to review their energy use and develop an energy plan, including as many renewable power sources as possible. You have been asked to prepare a resea

Explain requirements and the sequence of licensure process

Explain the requirements and the sequence of the licensure process in the state where you plan to practice. You must cite the source from where you obtain the state licensur

Counsellor in the therapeutic context

How should these issues be addressed by the counsellor in the therapeutic context? Discuss unique ethical issues associated with "termination".

Explain an additional metaphysical theory

Explain how the account of truth set forth by the chosen theory of reality might apply to the belief you identified in step 1. Identify and explain an additional metaphysical

Outside collection agency

Having tracking information that can keep a record of patients who are not paying their bills may help the provider with collections or an outside collection agency.

Cultural differences that affect personal interactions

Nonverbal communication within your selected culture and how it affects personal interactions across cultures. Other cultural differences that affect personal interactions and

Explain the dimensions of conceptualizing these disorders

Explain the 2 dimensions of conceptualizing these disorders. Using additional resources (beyond the course text, but not Wikipedia or WebMD), support or refute the premise th

What are the factors that influence the global distribution

What are the factors that influence the global distribution of precipitation? What regions have low or high annual precipitation? How do precipitation patterns differ by sea


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