Evaluate the ratio of [a-] to [ha] after 12.59 ml naoh

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In a titration, 25.18 mL of monoprotic weak base HA is neutralized with 25.18 mL of 0.502 M NaOH. Calculate the ratio of [A-] to [HA] after 12.59 mL of 0.502 M NaOH has been added to the initil amount of HA.

B) at the equivalence point, you have a solution of what salt?

Reference no: EM13531587

How to calculate the ph during the titration c6h5cooh

Calculate the pH during the titration of 20.00 mL of 0.1000 M C6H5COOH(aq) with 0.1000 M NaOH(aq) after 19.54 mL of the base have been added. Ka of benzoic acid = 6.5 x 10-5

Explain iron ore was brought into solution and passed

A 0.7120g specimen of iron ore was brought into solution and passed through a Jones reductor. titration of the Fe(II) produced required 39.21 mL of 0.02086 M KMnO4. express

Define single stream exits the fuel cell

Assume that only a single stream exits the fuel cell. What is the flow rate of each of the species leaving the fuel cell? Not that the flow rates given to correspond a fuel

Explain pressure of argon after addition of xenon

Now suppose that an additional 5.00 moles of argon are added to the vessel, again without any change in the volume or the temperature. What is the partial pressure of argon

Explain how many grams of the hydrochloride of water

Thiamine hydrochloride (C12H18ON4SCl2) is a water-soluble form of thiamine (vitamin B1;Ka = 3.37 X 10-7). Explain how many grams of the hydrochloride must be dissolved in

Compute the percent of the rdi

The student ended up calculating that he/she has 2.19 ppm of Vitamin B2 in the diluted sample. Calculate the percent of the RDI of Riboflavin satisfied by consuming this tab

What is the maximum amount of carbon dioxide

For the reaction CO+O2 -> CO2 , what is the maximum amount of CO2 (44.0095 g/mol) which could be formed from 16.73 g of CO (28.0101 g/mol) and 0.251 mol of O2 (31.9988 g/mol

Explain what is the ratio of the root-mean-square

The two isotopes of Uranium, 238U and 235U, can be separated by effusion of the corresponding UF6 gases. What is the ratio (in the form of a decimal) of the root-mean-square


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