Evaluate the potential impact of the expanded facility

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For this assignment, develop an innovative marketing campaign on the above scenario that includes the following elements:

Define the target audience, determine the marketing objectives, determine resource requirements, define how the marketing message will bedelivered through integrated marketing communication, specify the media plan, and discuss how the marketing campaign will be evaluated.

Evaluate the potential impact of the expanded facility in patient satisfaction and developing new marketing share.

Assess possible methods to build rapport within Sunny Beach and surrounding communities.

Provide details on how ongoing research into the community will help New City Home Care stay ahead of the competition and stay well-connected with community. Consider concepts in monitoring the changing demographics of the community and growing health care sector. 7-10 pages with at least 7 relevant peer-reviewed academic or professional.

Reference no: EM131157548

Magazine stall purchases a fashion magazine

A magazine stall purchases a fashion magazine at $2.5 at the beginning of each week and sell them at $8.5 during the week. Any unsold copies of this magazine at the end of the

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Write a Work Breakdown Strucure. the topic is Sales Promotion- Second Hand. It's important that you provide a glossary of terms as some of the terms are not understood by per

Discuss which social media and how they will be used

Media strategy. Discuss at least two of your media choices that you believe will best reach your target market with your advertising. Be specific with your choices, e.g. H

Presenting the results of the vigilance practical

Please note these are instructions for students who are only here for the full year and registered for a 20 credit module. Students registered for the 10 credit module need

Explain knowledge management

Explain Knowledge Management and What were the main forces that led to the commercialization of the Internet and How can Internet-based technologies be used to automate the su

Develop a multi-item scale to measure students

Develop a multi-item scale to measure students' attitudes toward internationalization of the management curriculum. How would you assess the reliability and validity of

What current position of pixar company in industry strength

To further clarify, what Pixar revenue/business model is, and current events addressing a variety of issues facing all of these companies. As we discuss these topics it has

Principles of marketing-marketing plan project

Principles of Marketing: Marketing Plan Project, The marketing plan project will consist of, but not be limited to, the following sections: Table of Contents; Situation Analy


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