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Drop a Product/opportunity cost Midwestern Sod Company produces two products: fescue grass and Bermuda grass.


Fescue Grass

Bermuda Grass

Selling price per square yard



Less variable cost per square yard (water, fertilizer, maintenance)



The company has 120,000 square yards of growing space available. ln the past year, the company dedicated 60,000 square yards to fescue and 60,000 square yards to Bermuda grass. Annual fixed costs are $120,000 which the company allocates to products based on relative growing space.

Martha Lopez, the chief financial officer of Midwestern sod, has suggested that in the coming year, all 120,000 square yards should be devoted to Bermuda grass. The president vetoed her suggestion, saying, "I know that right now home construction is booming in our area and we can sell all the grass we can produce, irrespective of what type. But, you know a lot of developers really like that fescue grass and I'd hate to disappoint them by not offering it."


What is the opportunity cost of the president's decision to stick with both types of grass?

Reference no: EM139659

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