Evaluate the issue of elder abuse

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Prior to completing this discussion, read the required Roberto (2016) article, as well as Chapter 25 from the Lerner, Easterbrooks, Mistry, & Weiner (2013) Developmental psychology e-book.

Evaluate the issue of elder abuse being sure to define the types of abuse, the ages most susceptible to abuse, and other relevant information pertinent to this complex issue.

Support your thoughts with the required reading, and one other source of scholarly perspective and research from the field.

Additionally, propose two solutions for aging adults that would help them achieve successful aging and prevent elder abuse, as well as identifying two resources that would help active caregivers avoid elder abuse.

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The solution is in regards with elder people abuse here in the sol. I have written different types of abuses which are happening on elder people.some measure are also provided for elderly people to protect themselves.

Reference no: EM131623957

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