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Assignment: Interview Techniques

You are a police officer in Centervale. While on patrol, you are dispatched to investigate a theft from a local retail store where the loss prevention representative has made an apprehension of a suspect. You are also notified that there are several employee witnesses and the suspect has other people with him in the store. All of these people may or may not be involved in this crime. Additionally they may be witnesses and have critical information needed for successful prosecution of this case.


Prepare a 9- to 10-page Microsoft Word document which accommodates the following:

  • Compare and contrast the fundamental concepts of communication in an investigatory interview and an interrogation. Analyze and explain whether the communication in this scenario would be classified as an interview or an interrogation. Apply the comparison and contrast information, the script, and external resources to support your position, and rationale.
  • Analyze and discuss at least two different confession elicitation tactics that were used by Officer Stone in an effort to get Marty to confess. Contrast one of these tactics with a tactic that might have been less effective in this situation.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Officer Stone's efforts. Analyze and discuss a key area of strength and weakness in his approach. Identify any fundamental legal issues that Officer Stone may encounter related to how he handled this situation and his choice of tactics.
  • Evaluate how you would have executed this communication in order to achieve the confession? Use empirical research in support of your evaluation; suggest how to improve an area of weakness and how to overcome any other obstacles you can identify in this situation.
  • Predict what would happen if Marty implicated his friend Joe? Identify the questions that should be asked to provide evidence to Marty's claim?

Reference no: EM13813729

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