Evaluate the causes of conflict by applying conflict theory

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Assignment :

Select a television or movie segment that features a conflict between two people. Briefly describe the selected segment, and evaluate the causes of conflict by applying conflict resolution theory. Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the actions of the protagonists in resolving the conflict and provide recommendations for improving the outcomes of the conflict.

Write an academic essay critiquing the television or movie segment that you have selected.

Essay should include:

i) A brief factual overview of the conflict scenario, including the conflict type.

ii) The use of terminology and concepts for managing and resolving conflict.

iii) Identification and evaluation of the causes of conflict.

iv) Evaluation of the application of the conflict resolution skills used by the protagonists,outlining both strengths and weaknesses, including verbatim examples.

v) Recommendations that the protagonists could have taken to improve the outcome of conflict.

Reference no: EM13889584

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