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Go to any of public speech or any speech in the TV show. Each point must have at least 1 paragraph.

1. What kind of speech was it?

Deliberative: which refers to political oratory in legislative assemblies. Generally discussing future policy.
Forensic: which refers to the kind of speech that occurs in judicial proceedings, as, for example, counsel's summation to a jury. Generally discussing the facts of the past.
Epidictic: which refers to an effort to praise or dispraise something, whether that is a person or a policy. Generally discussing the "here and now."

2. Define the demographics (the observable characteristics of the audience) and psychographics (the lifestyles of the audience).

3. What was the speaker's perception of the target audience's attitude toward the speaker's thesis?

Predetermined action for (stimulate or impress speech), predetermined belief for (persuasive speech), predetermined belief against (informative speech), or predetermined action against (entertaining speech)?

4. Evaluate ethos as demonstrated in the speech. What did the speaker do to demonstrate they are a person of good character? How did they demonstrate their expertise, trustworthiness, dynamism and/or sociability?

5. Evaluate pathos as demonstrated in the speech. What did the speaker do to cause emotional reactions in the audience? Did they promote fear, anger, sadness, happiness, or other emotions? Was the speaker passionate?

6. Evaluate logos as demonstrated in the speech. What did the speaker do to demonstrate sound reasoning (inductive and/or deductive)? What type of evidence did they use to support their claims? How did they link claims to evidence?

7. Evaluate taxis as demonstrated in the speech. How was the speech organized? Why do you think the speaker choose this organizational style? Was it effective?

8. Evaluate Lexis as demonstrated in the speech. What language did the speaker use to illicit personal semantic reactions? Do you believe that the speaker's word choice was purposeful and effective?

9. Contrast the speakers "point of view" to your "point of view."

Reference no: EM131050166

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