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Read The Report Description and choice a news article and the organization that your going to write about and must be branched in New Zealand if its an international organization, if its not an international then the organization must be in New Zealand.

Evaluate the interrelationship between human resource management, organisations and their environment.

Key elements:

a. Development of human resource management

b. Human resource contribution to organisational strategy and performance:
• planning process
• strategic focus
• measurement

Content instructions

The interrelationship between organisations and the environment (both internal and external) is a key consideration for Human Resource Management.

1. You are required to source a recent news article (within the past 12 months) that highlights the strategic importance of human resource planning in dealing with a key external/internalissue and/or trend for an organisation of your choice.

2. You will need to evaluate the impact of the issue and/or trend on the organisation of your choice and make one Human Resource related recommendation on how the organisation can deal with the issue/trend over the next 2-4 years.

3. You must provide ananalysis of how the human resource response hasdeveloped over time.

4. You mustjustify why you are making the current recommendation as compared to a historical human resource approach.

5. As part of this report you must clearly show how the organisation will measure the success or failure of your recommendation.

Write a (maximum of 1500 words) report to present to the board/CEO/owner of the organisation that provides onehuman resource related solution/recommendation that will assist the organisation in dealing with the identified external/ internal issue/trend for the next 2-4 years.

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Reference no: EM13652383

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