Evaluate how the 21 century paradigms described by ragins

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Given below is the question for this assignment and all these are the answers submitted by me and my friends. So what you have to do is you first read all these and write a summary of it in 500+ words stating their names I mean my classmates' names. You have to show agreement with their points including their names and you can use the same citation if you agree and the references at the references list but the everything that you agree has to be paraphrased no plagiarism. No errors in APA referencing so please be aware of it. Better use 6th edition APA referencing. Please you state your personal experience as a teacher back home on how mentoring affected your professional relationship or you can consider race and cultural component for being discriminated as an international student........in the samples it is stated that that how my friends have stated their experiences.....

Note: I have sent you a sample done by my classmate for your guidance. This is at the last of this page and title is A SAMPLE. Thank you.

Question: Critically evaluate how the 21st century paradigms described by Ragins and Karm in The landscape of mentoring in the 21st century will impact on the qualities mentors/coaches/professional supervisors need and the roles they have within mentoring/coaching/professional supervision relationships.

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Reference no: EM131224702

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