Evaluate general business trends in the economy

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Text book is Strategic Staffing third edition by Phillips & Gully, chapter 5, The name of the class is BHR 4601, Staffing organizations, Columbia Southern University.

There are many external sources of information that firms can tap into to forecast the demand for their product. Discuss the five most common types of information that can be used to evaluate general business trends in the economy. Provide an example of each.

Reference no: EM131368740

Training module on the topic of healthcare ethics

Ethics Training Module Development You have been hired as an expert healthcare legal consult by large religious-based healthcare system to develop a training module on the top

Retail chain for consumer electronics

Magazine Luiza is a Brazilian retail chain for consumer electronics. The company currently has 100 stores distributed across Brazil. It also operates an online channel. How mu

Express warranty and implied warranty

Discuss the difference between an express warranty and an implied warranty. Include in your discussion examples of how each is created, restrictions that may apply, and whethe

Identify potential threat or opportunity facing

Identify a potential threat or opportunity facing this organization. Then, identify a specific strength that this company possesses and suggest how the organization could expl

List eight current sociocultural trends

List eight current sociocultural trends in the United States that are transforming North America and the world (Ref. ch4/110). Please indicate which of those cultural trends m

Passenger sitting next to you tries to have a conversation

Suppose that you are on a plane and the passenger sitting next to you tries to have a conversation with you. You would like to be nice but don’t want to disclose too much info

What is the average time customer waits for service

Marty’s Barber Shop has one barber. Customers arrive at the rate of 2.2 customers per hour, and haircuts are given at the average rate of 5 per hour. Use the Poisson arrivals

Is the importance of quality increased or decreases

As lean production methods reduce changeover and setup times and thus enable smaller economic lot sizes and less work-in-process inventory, is the importance of quality incr


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