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Case Study- UMUC Family Clinic Case Study

Case Study overveiw

Using the case study provided, you will prepare and deliver an analysis that will be divided into four stages. Each stage is to be completed and submitted according to the course schedule. The stages build upon each other and consist of the following assignments:

Stage 1 - Process Analysis

Using the case provided, you will develop two process models. You will analyze one of the processes related to the health care organization in the case study, breaking it down into sequential steps and modeling it (the as-is process). Then, model the improved process, as it would exist after a technology solution is implemented (the to-be process). You may use Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint for you models. You should have the process you select approved by your faculty member, as directed in class, prior to beginning work on your models.

Stage 2 - EHR Technology Solution Proposal

Using the case provided, you will evaluate electronic health record (EHR) system solutions and propose a technology solution that will improve the process modeled in Stage 1 and improve the quality of care, safety, and financial management incentives for the health care organization in the case study. The solution proposal will take the form of a short paper, using Microsoft Word (or compatible software).

Stage 3 - Meaningful Use

Using the case study provided and the EHR system proposed in Stage 2, you will recommend whether the health care organization should apply for the Medicare or Medicaid incentive program and complete a table of amounts available. Then, complete three additional tables provided in the assignment to select and explain core objectives, menu objectives, and clinical quality measures related to Meaningful Use of EHR systems. The tables provided will be copied into a Microsoft Word (or compatible) file and completed.

Stage 4 - Considerations

Using the case study and the provided template (containing considerations such as IT operational safeguards, IT architectural safeguards, IT project management, and legal, ethical and regulatory reporting requirements), you will identify and explain which areas in particular need to be considered more fully for the EHR solution proposed in Stage 2. Students will provide an additional consideration and evaluate it as well. The template will be completed in the format provided (Word or Word compatible).

Attachment:- umuc stages.rar

Reference no: EM13863035

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