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Alphabet Energy

Evaluate Alphabet’s market entry decision through the following market characteristics.

1. Which market looks most attractive for Alphabet’s technology at this stage of the company’s development, assuming no one can match Alphabet’s price and performance? Consider customer demands, time to market, potential profits, and long-term strategic vision. How would viable competitors change your evaluation?

2. Which market would present the most competition? Who would Alphabet’s main competitors be and how could Alphabet differentiate itself? What would be the main factors influencing the value of Alphabet’s product and how might some of them change? What could Alphabet do to anticipate these changes?

3. Should Alphabet pursue a single market entry or develop a secondary option? Why? How?

4. How would you validate your market assumptions, and what other information would be helpful?

5. How should Alphabet measure the success of its market selection decision? Which criteria should it use to commit to or abandon a particular market? How would it maintain this agility?

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In this assignment I was asked to develop market entry strategies for Alpha energy. On the basis of its market entry strategies answers has been given to questions so asked. These questions are based on competition, single entry market, competitors and more.At the end, recommendation is provided to the company for making its entry in relevant sector.Some market assumptions are also assumed for the company which is best suited.

Reference no: EM131428140

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