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Read the local papers (business sections), Wall Street Journal, or some business related periodical and find two (2) articles that have some ethical behavioral issue. e.g., sometime ago Coca-Cola announced a plan to price its product according to temperature demand. Provide a synopsis of the articles select in 100 or more words and elaborate further to discuss why you believe the stated policy is ethically appropriate or otherwise. Please submit references for each article using the APA guidelines.

Reference no: EM131100751

Business traffic from the roads on sundays

As a conservation measure, the government imposes regulations banning business traffic from the roads on Sundays. Kevin takes on a house removal for the same day. One of the

Pseudo code for a program

Design a hierarchy chart, a flowchart, and a pseudo code for a program that calculates the current balance in a savings account. The program must ask the user for:

Outline for a business ethics program

Develop an appropriate standards and procedures section, such as a code of ethics. Develop a section that has a plan for an appropriate ethics training program. Develop a sect

Aspects of communication and leadership

Specifically, how did your leader display (or not display) aspects of Communication and Leadership (Unit 4), Recognizing and Leveraging Organizational Culture and Climate (Uni

Calculate the gross regular pay

The spreadsheet has five tabs: Employee, Department, Time Sheets, Deductions, and Deduction Types. On a new sixth tab, calculate the payroll information for the first week o

Determine obstacle that it organizational leader would face

Next, determine at least one obstacle or challenge that the IT organizational leader would face in order to support organizational information within the company or organiza

Customer environment of the pink berry company

Write down a customer environment of the Pink berry Company (around 500 words with references) in this paper, current and potential customers are identified and described.

Prepare evaluative and critical review of a journal article

The purpose of this article review is for you to learn to seek out information and to write an evaluative and critical review of a journal article. Your review must be subm


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