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OD Intervention

Organization development interventions often produce positive change results. Interventions that rely on participation of organizational members can create openness and trust among co- workers and respect for others. Interventions can also help employees understand that the organization wants to promote risk taking and empowerment. “Living” these characteristics can lead to better organizational performance.

However, a change agent involved in an OD effort imposes his or her value system on those involved in the intervention, especially when the intervention addresses co-worker mistrust. The change agent may deal with this problem by bringing all affected parties together to openly discuss their perceptions of the dilemma.

Although many change agents are well versed in OD practices, sometimes they walk a fine line between success and failure. To resolve personal problems in the workplace, participants must disclose private, and often sensitive, information. An individual can refuse to divulge such information, but doing so may carry negative ramifications. For example, it could lead to lower performance appraisals, fewer pay increases, or the perception that the employee is not a team player.

On the other hand, active participation can cause employees to speak their minds, which also carries risks. For instance, imagine that an employee questions a manager’s competence. This employee fully believes the manager’s behavior is detrimental to the work unit, but his or her reward for being open and honest could be retaliation from the boss. Although, at the time, the manager might appear receptive to the feedback, he or she may retaliate later. In either case—participation or not—employees could be hurt. Even though the intent was to help overcome worker mistrust, the result may be more back stabbing, more hurt feelings, and more mistrust.


Provide substance in your response.  Support your responses

1. Write summary introduction to this case.

2. Do you think there is a risk of co-workers being too open and honest under this type of OD intervention?

3. What do you think a change agent can do to ensure that employees’ rights will be protected?

Reference no: EM131232858

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