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Information mining

Edward Snowden's release of classified NSA documents revealed the government's top-secret program to spy on its citizens using a supposed "google back door". While the technology to mine information exists and becomes increasingly sophisticated, the use of such technology remains controversial. Examine the ethical implications related to government organisations mining its citizens' personal information.

Critical Summaries

This task requires students to critically read and evaluate discipline-specific texts related to the group's assigned topic. Each student is required to read four (4) relevant texts and write a critical summary for each, identifying the salient arguments, key statistics and points of reliability for why the article is a valid resource in the academic community.

Writing a Critical Summary

Example for the Critical Summary:-

Model Critical Summary:-

Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2012). The right person for the job: The relevance of qualifications to employment.

This report examines the correlation of education qualification with occupation field in terms of job-matching. In recent decades, the demand for vocational and higher education qualifications has increased, resulting in a concurrent increase in the number of working-age people with these qualifications. For example, from 2001 to 2011, the proportion of Australians between 15-64 years with Certificate I to Postgraduate degrees increased from 47% to 57%. However, many of these employees work in a field with little relevance to their qualifications and are thus unable to fully utilise their capabilities.

This empirical study examines job-matching from several angles, including variation according to age and sex (men aged 20-24 and 55-64 are less likely to job-match, 71% and 72%, compared to men aged 25-54, 81%; no effect for women), hours worked (82% of full time workers; 71% of part- time workers), qualification type (university-qualified employees 85%; vocationally-qualified 75%), field of study (healthcare 91%; education, architecture and building 85%; agriculture and environmental 58%; creative arts 64%), occupation (professionals 93%; labourers 46%), industry (education and training 91%; professional, scientific and technical services 89%; health care and social assistance 88%; transport, postal and warehousing 59%), and income (highest earning quintile 88%; second quintile 58%).
The significance of this study is to underscore the long-term impact of educational investments and occupation alignment on Australian workers' prosperity. Thus, this report effectively argues for the need for educational programs aimed at ensuring qualification and occupation alignment

Reference no: EM13253732

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