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Doctor Calavera is Charles' oncologist. A week after the pt's admission his lungs are noticeably better. The doctor asks you to make walking rounds with him on his patients. As Charles bone scan results have come back from nuclear med he instructs you to bring them along.

When the doctor is at Charles' bedside, the he frankly informs the pt that the cancer has metastasized to his brain, and that there are several treatment options left including further surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The doctor also indicates that as he has very good health insurance, he should begin his course of treatment immediately.

In the next room is a new referral patient for Dr. Calavera who is an indigent homeless woman. She was admitted for hemoptysis, and has been diagnosed with Stage II Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC). He relates to the patient that, "There really isn't much I can do for you. I recommend you follow up with the county department of health, they have an oncology clinic" As you schedule the f/u appointment with the county, you are informed that there is a minimum waiting list of 6 months for intake appointment. You call the doctor back and inform him of this. His response is, "Well, then that's the best we can do."

Name two main ethical dilemmas present in the above scenario. Analyze and describe.

Reference no: EM13172480

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