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Some believe health care to be a fundamental right while others consider it a privilege. My question is this: If you consider how you and your family utilize health care resources. Is access to health care a fundamental right that you exercise or a privilege earned?

This solution discusses the question: is Healthcare a fundamental right, or a privilege of those who can afford it. The description of chronic illness is considered, as is the ethics of belief that health is a privilege. This solution goes against that, and by using chronic illness as the example, we can see that ethically, healthcare must be considered a right by society, as those with disabilities and chronic illnesses are not less valuable to the community at large.

Ethical Decision Making in Health Care. Is there really a decision when it comes to humans receiving the care they need. If this becomes a privilege and not a right, society will suffer in other areas, as the chronically ill and disabled have a great deal to offer to society and without a diverse society, we could all perish for lack of care by big business and privatized healthcare as the only option available.

Reference no: EM1388026

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