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Please select one of the following questions and answer using the MORAL (framework for ethical decision-making). Determine the ethical dilemma. Determine the key stakeholders. Solve the dilemma using an ethical decision framework. Please provide an introduction, body, and concluding paragraph. Integrate additional content from your research into the other paragraphs of your posts to support your statements. Please provide two references that are not a web page.

1. M= massage the dilemma (consider what the issue really is and who is involved in the issue)

2. O= Outline the options

3. R = Review the criteria (ethical principles and facts) and resolve the dilemma

4. A= Affirm the decision

5. Look-back = after the decision is made and the dilemma resolved, was this the right action

Please pick on question. Identify the ethical dilemma. Identify the key stakeholders. Solve the dilemma using an ethical decision framework.

Question 1: this question has to do with patient competency.
How do the principals of Autonomy and Beneficence conflict when making healthcare decisions that run counter to the patient's wishes? .

Question 2: Access to long-term care seems to be a problem for the elderly in general. However, it is even more difficult for minority populations. Why do you think this is true? Please be sure to ground your rationale in evidence

Question 3: Do you agree with some providers that the terminally ill have moral obligations to their family members? If so, what obligations do they have?

Question 4: What ethical principles does a physician does the physician face when he/she gets a request for assisted-suicide? As the healthcare administrator, what are the ethical principles that you face with this request?

Reference no: EM1387869

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