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Case Study Two Worksheet

Respond to the following questions in 1,250 word Paper.

1. Why is this an ethical dilemma? Which APA Ethical Principles help frame the nature of the dilemma?

2. How might Irina's age and parents' involvement in the referral affect how Dr. Matthews can resolve the dilemma? How might the state law on treatment of minors and HIPAA rule on access of guardians to a minor's health care record influence Dr. Matthews' decision?

3. How are APA Ethical Standards 2.01a b, and c; 2.04; 3.04; 3.06; 4.01; 4.02; and 10.10a relevant to this case? Which other standards might apply?

4. What are Dr. Matthews' ethical alternatives for resolving this dilemma? Which alternative best reflects the Ethics Code aspirational principle and enforceable standard, as well as legal standards and Dr. Matthews' obligations to stakeholders?

5. What steps should Dr. Matthews take to ethically implement her decision and monitor its effects?

Reference no: EM13780881

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