Estimate the velocity induced by the wave

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A bore is a hydraulic jump that propagates upstream into a still or slower-moving fluid, as in Fig. P10.86, on the Sée-Sélune channel, near Mont Saint Michel in northwest France. The bore is moving at about 10 ft/s and is about one foot high. Estimate

(a) the depth of the water in this area and

(b) the velocity induced by the wave.


Reference no: EM131151556

What size galvanized iron pipe is required to carry a flow

What size galvanized iron pipe (e=0.0005ft) is required to carry a flow of 5 cfs of water at 60 degrees F (v=1.217X10^-5) without exceeding a head loss of 5.0 ft/100ft of pipe

Position of the race car when acceleration is given

Starting from x = 0 with no initial velocity, the acceleration of a race car is defined by the relation a = 6.8e- 0.00057x , where a and x are expressed in m/s 2 and meters,

An observer fails to check the bubble and it is off two

A piston-cylinder device initially contains 1.4 kg saturatedliquid water at 200 C. Now heat is transferred to the water until the volume quadruples, and the cylinder contains

What are expressions for shear-v and bending moment-m

What are the expressions for the shear, V, and the bending moment, M, within the beam between points C and D in terms of Ay, M1, l, w, and x, the distance to the sectional c

Find height h2 of oil rise in tube by neglecting the mass

The piston rides on a reservoir of oil of depth h1 = 42 mm and specific gravity S = 0.8. The reservoir is connected to a round tube of diameter D2 = 5 mm and oil rises in th

Determine what is the order and class of the leveling

Differntial Leveling between BM's A,B,C,D, and A gives elevation differences (in meters) of -15.632, 32.458, 38.214, and -55.025, and distances in km of 4.0, 6.0, 5.0, and 3

Determine the velocity of the particle as a function of time

a particle moving along a straight path decelerates according to a = -kv. this represent a drag-induced deceleration. assume that the intial velocity is vo at t=0 and s = 0.

What is the principal alloy in steel

A 2-ft diameter circular pipe has a Manning's n of 0.013 and a bed slope of 2.0 X 10^-3. What is the uniform flow rate in this pipe if it is completely full (Qf) in ft^3/s? Wh


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